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Habersham Dental
on Eisenhower Dr.

310 Eisenhower Dr, Bldg 1 Savannah, GA 31406

We are open Monday-Thursday 7am-6pm. Closed on Fridays | Call us at (912) 525-0588

Top-Notch Dentistry for the Savannah Community

With over 30 years of dental experience in the Savannah area, Habersham Dentistry sets the bar for high-quality dental treatment. Whether the whole family needs a check-up or you just need a crown repaired, Habersham Dentistry can help you plan a course of treatment that will set you up with a phenomenal smile.

Our Eisenhower location is right down the street from the Savannah Botanical Gardens and the Bacon Park Golf Course at 310 Eisenhower Dr, Bldg 1 Savannah, GA 31406. Stop by and say hi!