Meet Dr. Keenan Sumerlin

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The Professional Side

Dr. Summerlin’s professional journey reflects a commitment to evolution, with a philosophy that embraces change as a constant. This adaptability is a driving force behind his ability to stay at the forefront of dental practices and provide the best possible care for his patients.

As a dentist, Dr. Summerlin is motivated by the transformative impact he can have on people’s lives. Whether alleviating pain or enhancing smiles to boost self-esteem, he views dentistry as a powerful means of positively influencing individuals’ overall well-being.

Dr. Summerlin’s dedication to his craft is exemplified by his distinguished service in the Navy, where he earned the Naval Commendation Medal during his tenure as a dentist. This honor stands as a testament to his commitment to excellence and service to his country.

In his professional environment, Dr. Summerlin places great emphasis on the strength of his team. Comprising individuals who share his passion for patient care, the Habersham Dental team operates like a tight-knit family. Dr. Summerlin is proud of the collective commitment to treating patients with the utmost care and consideration, making each individual feel like an integral part of their dental family.

For Dr. Keenan Summerlin, dentistry is a platform for positive change and a source of fulfillment derived from helping others. With a dynamic approach to life and a team that embodies the same values, Dr. Summerlin continues to make a lasting impact on the smiles and well-being of the Savannah community

Dr. Keenan Summerlin of Habersham Dental in Savannah, GA

The Personal Side

Dr. Keenan Summerlin resides in the charming city of Savannah with his beloved wife, Ellie, and their two adorable children, 5-year-old Teague and 3-year-old Lila. Beyond the dental office, Dr. Summerlin finds joy and relaxation in pursuits like running and golf, embracing an active and dynamic lifestyle.

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