Meet Dr. Susan Smith


The Professional Side

Dr. Smith’s approach to dentistry is characterized by the deep satisfaction of building long-term relationships with her patients. Helping them maintain a healthy smile not only contributes to their oral health, but also enhances their overall quality of life.

Serving as Dr. Schmitz’s first associate, Dr. Smith has been with Habersham Dental almost since its inception. She has witnessed and been part of the remarkable growth and positive changes in the practice. Dr. Smith takes pride in her role in helping instill the values and patient-centered focus the practice was founded on.

A pivotal moment in Dr. Smith’s career was observing a patient’s transformation through a full mouth restoration. Beyond cosmetic enhancements, the patient gained improved health, efficient chewing, and enhanced well-being, showcasing the profound impact of comprehensive dental care. Witnessing such positive changes is what Dr. Smith finds most rewarding in her profession.

Dr. Smith feels the supportive work environment, shared dedication to top-notch patient care, and a sense of family make the Habersham Dental team special. Dr. Susan Smith goes beyond dentistry; she is a compassionate professional dedicated to building relationships and leaving a lasting impact on the oral health and lives of her patients at Habersham Dental.

Dr. Susan Smith of Habersham Dental in Savannah, GA

The Personal Side

Dr. Susan Smith has been a proud member of the Savannah, GA community since 1993. She shares her life and professional journey with her husband and is a proud parent to four children. Beyond the scope of dentistry, Dr. Smith finds joy in the culinary arts, reading a good book, and entertaining friends and family.

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