Pediatric Dentistry

Dental care is just as important for infants, children, and teens as it is for adults. We take great pride in helping our younger patients with their oral health, creating healthy habits that last a lifetime, and providing a safe, comfortable experience at our dentist office.

Pediatrics at Habersham Dental

Children get their baby teeth anywhere between 6 to 12 month. By age 6 or 7 years, they start to lose their baby teeth that are eventually are replaced by secondary, permanent teeth. Taking care of baby teeth early on is crucial to your child’s oral health now and for the rest of their lives. Without proper dental care, children face tooth decay and oral health issues that can cause a pain and complications even after their baby teeth are gone. Visiting a pediatric dentist who is dedicated to providing specialized dental treatment for children will help foster a positive relationship with the dentist and establish good oral health habits through the various stages of childhood.

Visiting the dental clinic — not to mention having to sit still in a chair while someone peers inside their mouth and uses different tools — can be a strange and even frightening experience for them, so it helps to find a professional who can expertly meet the needs of your whole family. It is our goal to make their visits enjoyable and stress-free. Keeping up with their regular check-ups can help children become less nervous and more at ease each time they visit.

toddler holding a toothbrush in her mouth
  • What does pediatric dentistry include?

    Pediatric dentistry includes using sealants to help prevent cavities and tooth decay on a child’s back molars. This is a proven preventive treatment that works by applying a thin acrylic coating over the teeth and allowing it to harden, which keeps out unwanted bacteria and plaque that could otherwise harm the teeth.

    Additionally, using fluoride treatments to strengthen your child’s tooth enamel is extremely helpful in preventing decay. This involves applying fluoride directly to the teeth—it will bond the enamel and help keep teeth strong and healthy, it could even reverse decay.

  • When should my child have their first dental check-up?

    The recommended age for a child’s first dental visit is one year old. At this visit, they will meet our team and have some fun in the dentist chair! Nothing extensive will be done, but their dentist will be able to answer questions that you have and check your child’s teeth for any signs of decay or future concerns such as a gap in their teeth or other alignment issues. After this visit, regular check-ups can be scheduled every six months.

    In addition to regular check-ups, daily oral hygiene is key to a healthy smile. Brushing at least twice a day in addition to flossing is recommended. Avoiding sugary foods and brushing after sweets have been eaten can help prevent tooth decay. Teaching your little one to have good oral habits from a young age will pave the way for them to have a healthy smile for life!

    Once your child is old enough, dental sealants are recommended to be placed on the back molars. Dental sealants are made of a plastic material that is painted onto the teeth to provide a protective covering. Sealants protect the deep crevices and hard-to-reach places of the back teeth. Typically sealants can be applied around six years of age. Sealants are made to last for many years and provide an extra layer of protection from tooth decay.

    If you are in search of a pediatric dentist in Savannah, GA, we would love the chance to help your little one stay on the path towards a lifelong healthy smile! Call our office today to set up their new patient visit!

  • What are the common issues of dental health in children?

    Many of a kid’s dental problems are the same ones affecting adults, but as children’s teeth are still developing, untreated dental conditions can cause poor and misaligned tooth development, leading to a more serious problem as a child grows up.

    Some of the most common issues with children are:

    • Tooth decay
    • Bad breath
    • Sensitive teeth
    • Thumb-sucking
    • Gum disease
    • Teeth grinding
    • Canker sores
    • Baby teeth-loss
    • Over-retained primary teeth
    • Dental Anxiety

More questions?

If you have more questions about pediatric dentistry please contact our office and we will be happy to discuss further.