Meet Dr. Ryan Fulchi


The Professional Side

Dr. Ryan Fulchi, DMD, is a highly skilled and compassionate dentist based in Savannah, known for his commitment to providing exceptional dental care with a personal touch. Prior to donning the white coat, Dr. Fulchi was a valued patient at Habersham Dental, an experience that shaped his approach to dentistry.

As a practitioner, Dr. Fulchi is known for his dedication to incorporating cutting-edge technology into his practice, allowing him to offer same-day dentistry services. This commitment stems from a transformative experience early in his career when he restored a patient’s entire mouth in a single day. Witnessing the immediate positive impact on the patient’s life reinforced his belief in the power of efficient and convenient dental solutions.

Driven by a desire for professional growth and community impact, Dr. Fulchi finds fulfillment in the genuine human interactions that dentistry uniquely provides. He cherishes the moments when patients put down their phones and engage in meaningful conversations, fostering a sense of connection within the community.

Two key aspects define Dr. Fulchi’s journey: his history as a patient at Habersham Dental before completing dental school, and the pride he takes in nurturing a positive team culture within his practice. Dr. Fulchi and the Habersham Dental team are well-known for solving dental problems with transparency and honesty, earning the trust and appreciation of all patients. Dr. Fulchi takes immense pride in his work and the reputation of his practice as the premier dental provider in Savannah.

Dr. Ryan Fulchi of Habersham Dental in Savannah, GA

The Personal Side

Dr. Fulchi cherishes family deeply, fulfilling the role of a devoted husband to his remarkable wife, Clayborne Fulchi, and a proud father to three beloved children daughter Ry, son Rhodes, and son Guy. When he’s not transforming smiles in the dental office, Dr. Fulchi enjoys spending quality time on the water as well as indulging his passion for sports, particularly golf and pickleball.

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